Why stake with 1FMLY

We strongly believe in the philosophy of the Cardano Foundation and it’s decentralization strategy. With 1FMLY stakepool, we support this vision and decentralization as much as possible:

  • We are dedicated and driven to be successful. In addition, we feel a great responsibility in taking care of you as a delegator: we want you to feel comfortable with us and our approach.
  • We set up a number of communication channels to keep you informed and stay transparant in our actions, but also we are open for ideas and suggestions from you. Let’s mint blocks together, so that soon rewards will come your way!
  • We support charity. In this world of wealth we want also take care of those who are less fortunate. That’s why we are donating 20% of our operator rewards to charity. Note: This will not harm rewards of our delegators!
  • Maximum sustainability: We are taking responsibility for the environment. That means our server setup is obtaining energy from renewable sources to power it. For example by gaining power from our solar panels on our roof top and the use of a power supplier who delivers 100% green energy.
  • Use of energy efficient hardware:
    We prefer also that the infrastructure we use is selected based on energy efficiency. Power usage of hardware and network components are a fundamental criterion in the selection of components.
  • We decided to support the Cardano ecosystem because it is based on PoS (Proof of Stake) methodolgy. This technology consumes much less power instead of PoW. (Proof of Work, like Bitcoin and Ethereum)

Ticker: 1FMLY

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