1FMLY stakepool in a nutshell

Welcome at 1FMLY, a Dutch Cardano ADA mission driven stakepool with two goals: Sharing some wealth to help others who need it and support the decentralization of the Cardano network.

Global available for all who wants to enjoy staking ADA to create passive income. We are a 0% fee pool, which means maximum profits available for sharing with our delegators. As we are producing blocks and have a ROA (Return of Ada) for over 3%, it is certainly worthwhile to stake with 1FMLY! You can check therefore our realtime stats.

NEW: Loyalty bonus! We appreciate our longterm delegators, so we invided our loyalty program

Staking with us is simple: just read the post how to stake with 1FMLY?

As we support decentralization and sustainability, we have a mixed stakepool setup consists of VPS-es, Intel NUC, Gigabyte BRIX and Raspberry Pi’s. Our base setup (2 relays, 1 block producer) is located in the Netherlands and totally green (powered by solar panels, see also our Setup & Monitoring page and Why 1FMLY?)

What dedicates us more:

  • We are here to stay! started in epoch 223, october 2020, still here and no plans to give up. We are long time hodlers and have a durable setup that will last for years.
  • We care for the environment: we gain power from our solar panels on the roof and have a energy efficient stakepool infrastructure.
  • 20% of our operator rewards will be donated to a local charity. As we have a 0% fee pool, it will not harm any rewards from our delegators. For the next half year, (till the end of august 2021) we will support a Dutch local animal shelter”. See also our post “our charity goals” 
  • Another 20% of our operator rewards is to support my daughter. She has plans travel the silk road by camper. The intention is to turn a van into a camper. With the 20% we can buy her some camper needs… Follow the progress on the post Let’s go east! 

For info: DM us at Twitter or contact us on Telegram.

*GIF provided by @heavymetaltcryp