Our loyalty program

As we appreciate you as a delegator, we want to reward you a little extra if you stay with 1FMLY.

Therefore we introduce a simple reward program: stay for at least 10 epochs and we reward you! The first round was a success: (epoch 290-300) we have shared 800 ADA between our delegators!

How does it work?

  • At the beginning of every 10th epoch, started from epoch 290, we take a snaphotof our delegators and the amount of stake delegated to the 1FMLY pool.
  • 10 epochs later we will take a snapshot again.
  • When we mint 1 or more blocks in an epoch in this period of 10 epochs, we save each time 200 ADA from our 340 ADA operator fee.
  • After 10 epochs we compare the 2 snapshots. The delegators still delegating to the pool will be rewarded.
  • The reward formula per delegator is: (amount of operator fee’s reserved during the 10 epochs according the minted block(s) per epoch / (amount of ada delegated at the 1st snapshot – amount of ada of the 1st snapshot from remained delegators of the 2nd snapshot) x lowest stake of the loyal delegator at the 1st or the 2nd snapshot.
  • The second snapshot will also be used as the 1st snapshot of the new period of 10 epochs.
  • Every delegator with a rewards outcome above 1 ADA will get payed (1 ada is minimum can be sent)
  • Pledge of owners is excluded.
  • It’s in addition of your regular pool rewards.

Example: At start of Epoch 290 we take a snapshot (1st) of current delegators and the amount of stake. At start of Epoch 300 we take again a snapshot of the delegators and the amount of stake. (2nd)

Assume we minted 2 blocks, so we have 400 ADA and 40 delegators with 200K stake.

4 delegators, with in total 40k ADA delegated, left within the 10 epochs, so we have 36 left to be rewarded. The amount of stake for rewards are 160k ADA. So, assume you are a loyal delegator with 3000 ADA stake delegated at the 1st snapshot. You will earn: 400/160.000*3000=7,5 ADA. Minimum stake delegated to earn extra rewards in this case is 400 ADA.

The 2nd snapshot is also input for the new period, epoch 300 – 310.

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