Meet the operators of 1FMLY

We are a Dutch family of six. As a father and son, (Jochum & Martijn) we are both in possession of ADAs. In the beginning we were just delegators. As we are in it for the long term, the idea came to bundle knowledge and build a stake pool. Since we started as a family, we decided to include the family name (Broekhuijse) in the stakepool name. This is how BR03K was born. However, we decided the name BR03K was a too complex, so we changed it into SOON, after a Twitter reveal campaign of Charles Hoskinson.

Now we are back to our roots, as a familypool, with ticker 1FMLY. Feels more comfortable then SOON, as soon has something ‘never to reach’….

Jochum is an IT productmanager, with over 20 years of experience in IT. He started as a systems programmer on IBM Z/os, (mainframe) but is nowadays responsible to deliver hosting and application services of platforms like IaaS (X86 with Linux, Windows and Container Hosting, GPU support), as well as AIX, (systems P) IBM Cloud PAK’s and Cloud solutions within the Dutch government. Although his focus is more on services, he has always liked technology. In his free time Jochum likes to ride his motorcycle, doing a workout with his son, working on his motorcycle or Martijn’s scooter, or just watch a (sentimental)movie. 😉

Co-ops is Martijn, left high school end enjoying a gap year. Finding out what profession will fit him most, to continue studying next year. In the mean time he’s learning on the job how to operate a stakepool. Also as contingency backup, to maintain continuation of 1FMLY pool. In his free time, Martijn is an avid fitness enthusiast, you will find him in the gym every day. He also likes hanging out with a few friends. At last he likes working on his scooter. At this moment, Martijn has signed up for to study MRBT: Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy. He will start end of August 2021. It’s a dual study: he will be employed at the hospital, meanwhile studying. For him a perfect combination of learning and earning.

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