This is1FMLY, nice to meet you!

We are a Dutch family. As a (grand) father and son, (Henk, Jochum & Martijn) we are all in possession of ADAs. In the beginning we were just delegators. As we are in it for the long term, the idea came to bundle knowledge and build a stake pool. In october 2020, as we started as a family, we decided to include the family name (Broekhuijse) in the stakepool name. This is how BR03K was born. However, we decided the name BR03K was a too complex, so we changed it into SOON, after a Twitter reveal campaign of Charles Hoskinson.

Now we are back to our roots, as a familypool, with ticker 1FMLY. Feels more comfortable then SOON, as soon has something ‘never to reach’….

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